Monday, November 21, 2011

Snap Trap! iPhone Game released.

Snap Trap! iPhone Game

Finally, after six months of grueling work, the team finally finished our first iPhone game!  We have a few more on the way, please leave a review if you purchase the game...we're always looking to make improvements!

I have two animations on the way, hopefully I'm allowed to post it.  Thanks guys!

- Siya


  1. App suggestions:
    -frog catching flys
    -punching bag (selection og punching bags, stress relief)
    -Hall (2001 space odyeesy)
    -dolphin (make it do tricks-hoops-jumps)
    -make your own pet (choose the body parts, simular to SPORE but simple and focussed on one pet)

  2. Halo App
    -based on the game
    -interact with Cortana, your A.I assistant